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Moshe Sakal is an award-winning novelist. Acclaimed by NBC, Le Monde, and Haaretz, Sakal has published six novels in Hebrew. His last book, Unicorn, was published in 2020. His previous novel The Diamond Setter has been translated into English by Man Booker Prize winner, Jessica Cohen (Other Press). His novel, Yolanda, has been translated into French by Valérie Zenatti (Stock, La Cosmopolite). For publications in German click here


In his work, Sakal has focused on expansion across time and space and on topics such as exile, immigration, diaspora, border-crossings, queer life and intergenerational relationships.


Sakal is a twice nominated author for the prestigious Sapir Prize. He won the Eshkol Prize for his artistic work, and received a grant from the Fulbright to participate in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, USA., where he was titled  Honorary Fellow in Writing.

In 2021, he received the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe literature grant in support of his forthcoming novel.


Born in Tel-Aviv, Moshe Sakal spent his twenties in Paris, and has been residing in Berlin since 2019.

“Maybe We Can Never Go Back”: An Interview with Moshe Sakal in The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Podcast listening: The Old/New Middle East,  The Tel Aviv Review.

Photo: Boaz Arad

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