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Moshe Sakal is an acclaimed writer who was born in Tel Aviv, spent several years in Paris, and has lived in Berlin since 2019. He has been recognized by NBC, Le Monde, and Haaretz for his award-winning novels, and has contributed to publications such as Le Monde, Libération, Haaretz, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Co-founder of Altneuland Press in Berlin, Sakal's six Hebrew novels, including "The Diamond Setter" (Other Press, translated by Jessica Cohen) and "Yolanda" (in French by Stock), explore themes of border-crossing in time and space,  exile, immigration, diaspora, queer life, and the impact of technology on culture. A two-time Sapir Prize nominee, Eshkol Prize winner, Fulbright Scholar, and Honorary Fellow in Writing at the University of Iowa, USA, Sakal received the Berlin Senate's 2021 Literature Grant for his forthcoming novel.

“Maybe We Can Never Go Back”: An Interview with Moshe Sakal in The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Podcast listening: The Old/New Middle East,  The Tel Aviv Review.

Photo: Shai Levy

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